my life changed

Many times in our journeyings we do not understand why life has to be so.  Why is it me and not someone else? The first time I remember feeling like that was when I was about 9 years old and began having grand mal seizures.  My life changed.

Many things my brothers and sisters were allowed to do, I was not allowed to do them anymore.  People began to look at me as being weird or mentally weird.  At least, I felt like they did, so, I began to avoid people because I didn’t want to be made fun of.  My dad encouraged us to read and that became my escape. There were very few books in our school library that I did not read.  

It later kept me sane on the mission field and took away the loneliness of being the only American where I was at. Those seizures were part of journeyings for the next 28 years and were used by God to teach me many lessons to keep me humble and reliant on Him.  I, eventually, got to the place to where I could say, “Thank you, Lord, for your blessings on me.”

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