Lessons learned

My journey began on September 19, 1946 in a small wood house on a small knob just off the road that is now known as Cooper Street in Ripley, Ms.  The war had not been over long and life was hard for a poor laborer and his wife who already had four children.  I have very little recollection of my earliest days, but we were to move many times in my years of growing up. This was because my dad was a sharecropper and moved where there was work.  My earliest recollections of the cotton fields and our large family are happy ones.

 What a gift of God memory is! It carries us back to past days where we sometimes linger for a while.  Even though I didn’t realize it for a long time, God was taking me on a part of my journey that would teach me many lessons, lessons of hard work, lessons of discipline, lessons of family time, lessons of parents who did their best to provide for us, lessons of a mother who took us to church, and lessons that would be very valuable later on in my walk with Him.

 Even though I did not realize it at the time, God was preparing me for things to come. THERE ARE LESSONS TO BE LEARNED IN EVERY PHASE OF OUR JOURNEY THAT PREPARES US FOR WHAT IS TO FOLLOW.

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